Born and raised on the Iron Range of Minnesota, our owner and head farmer, Patrick Finnegan started his professional career as a hockey player. 

Right after high school, Patrick packed his bags to play professional hockey in countries around the world. From his time spent in Italy, Canada, and the Netherlands, he didn't realize what impact his global travels would have on the rest of his life. While living in these amazing countries, his love and curiosity grew for each unique culture. He became intrigued by the way they lived and loved food. Not only the taste, but the passion they had for local, fresh, and healthy options. 

patrick hemp field

During his hockey season, Patrick worked in greenhouses in the Netherlands. Along the way, he learned and appreciated the craft of farming. As he started to think of life after hockey, he knew one day he would embark on another career. He saved every penny knowing he wanted to reside back in northern MN. 

When Patrick came back to the United States in 2006, he purchased 31 acres of raw land in Two Harbors, MN. With help from family and friends he chipped away clearing the land, prepped for a building site, created an organic farm field and eventually built his first greenhouse which became Finnegan’s Farm. 

finnegan's farm

Starting off, he provided microgreens and other local produce to Duluth restaurants and co-ops. After experimenting with his first hemp crop in 2019, he knew growing craft hemp for CBD oil would become a booming part of his business. 

With licensing through the state of Minnesota, Finnegan’s Farms now grows, harvest, extracts, formulates, and packages CBD products. Each crop is third-party tested and yields full-spectrum CBD oil complete with the essential oils.  

Finnegan’s Farm takes pride in using organic, non-GMO farming methods: soil amendments, excellent compost, and supplements like glacial rock dust.  Patrick knows that soil health is the key to raising healthy plants.  

Every batch of CBD oil is extracted with ice cold water. This is considered a more pure extraction method than using butane or CO2 and helps maintain the pure quality of the oil. 

Patrick and his team’s passion for organic, non-GMO farming practices as well as growing healthy hemp plants instills their mission to bring people the highest quality CBD products locally and beyond. 

Thank you for following our journey at Finnegan’s Farm!